Some thoughts on Game of Thrones

Writing this now because it’s all fresh. I jumped on George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones pretty late. My reading of the book only outpaced the HBO show two days ago, and I only finished it last night. Enjoyed it, looking forward to picking up the next book. Some quick thoughts from someone who is not much of a swords-and-sorcery fan (no spoilers):

  • I wouldn’t call Game of Thrones high fantasy first, necessarily. It’s more like a political thriller that happens to take place in a high fantasy world. 
  • It’s a lesson in brevity. After the beginning you rarely get descriptions more than a few sentences long. No long passages about a knight’s armor or the king’s robes. This brevity also lends itself to
  • Pacing. Fantasy novels often spend a lot of time on moments of heroism, danger, etc. In Game of Thrones, things happen fast. The pace is brisk. People die within the span of a sentence, whether they’re major or secondary. A nice way of
  • Flipping expectation. The book takes a lot of fantasy expectations/tropes and skewers them. 
  • Characters are easy to empathize with. Young characters are allowed to be childish. People rarely care about the good of the kingdom - more often they’re concerned for their brother, sister, father, mother. Also the only fantasy story in my memory where family bonds play a central role. 
  • Strong female characters. Fantasy worlds like this are usually short on them. 

My favorite characters are easily Arya, Tyrion, and Jon Snow. 

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    The same reasons I like ASOIAF, but more concise and less boring. I’m only done with the 2nd book, so Jon Snow hasn’t...
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    … yes. all of this, yes. 8l
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    Okay, gonna read/watch it now. For real this time.
  6. friendlystray said: Everything. Just…everything. Feel exactly the same way! 8D
  7. urbanviking said: This is me smiling because you’ve only read the first book XD And that is all I will say. Tyrion’s casting was the best thing to happen to the show and I can’t wait for all of you who are just starting with the series to catch up so we can all cry.
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    I’ve only just started reading the first book after picking up (and racing through) the HBO series a couple days ago, so...
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    A lot of this is what makes Game of Thrones an excellent introduction to the fantasy genre. It really doesn’t read like...
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  11. moreanimalia said: I haven’t finished the first book yet because I found it so fast, so political, so unkind to it’s characters! I guess I’ll finish it when I’m not looking for a more comforting and positive read. It is quite well written though, which is refreshing